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Le Bureau Export / Berlin
Head of German Office / Senior Expert
Created in 1993, Le Bureau Export is a non-profit professional organisation with the aim of developing music made in France all around the world.
For over 25 years, Le Bureau Export has worked hand-in-hand with French music industry professionals to develop the international careers of their artists, supporting hundreds of Made in France artists every year.

Le Bureau Export is composed of a 30-person team :

a home office based in Paris
a network of music experts located in Berlin (Germany), London (UK) and New York (USA)
3 regional attaché for music located in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) for Africa, Bogota (Colombia) for Latin America and Singapore for Asia.

Le Bureau Export’s team is in constant interaction with both French and international professionals, offering their expertise to help take Made in France music worldwide.

In 2019, Le Bureau Export has 600 professional-members using its services. More than 400 projects have benefited from its support – advice, networking, logistical support, promotion and/or financial support…
Le Bureau Export is a member of EMEE.
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