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Frank Sonder

As an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and business consultant, Frank focuses on human-computer interaction and the impact of digitalization on our society. He was founder, CEO and creative mind of foresee, a company developing interactive solutions at the intersection of humans, design, and technology.

Being an independent consultant and facilitator, Frank empowers international clients to innovate and meet the challenges of our time. He is passionate about technology but distrusts the hype as well as the speech bubbles of modern

Partnering at different research projects, he supports the Swiss think tank W.I.R.E. as a member of the board and the Convention Camp Conference as Creative Director. In his talks and articles in well-known magazines and books he outlines future innovations and visions, learnings from the past and a realistic picture of the present state of human-computer interaction.

He is also Co-Author of the FintechBook, the first crowdsourced book about the financial technology revolution and the disruption, innovation and opportunity therein. His topics range from worldwide collaboration to future banking, from the impact of artificial intelligence to the power of a distributed ledger technology and from the future of fashion to the vanishing

Even if his creativity produces compelling ideas under any circumstances, the passionate marathon runner and racing cyclist gets the most striking impulses on the longer distance. He lives in Berlin, has three kids and loves sharing, no matter the apartment or the car.

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