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Ocko Garen

A&R, Content Manager
Actually, I’m an engineer, but at some point I realized that music appears to
determine my life and certainly means a lot to me. This was when I started building microphones, loudspeakers, and even a whole recording studio on my own. But inside of me I felt these efforts were not enough to fulfill my desires – I wanted to integrate music to the fullest into my life.
So I became the manager of the label Sisyphon, which is the label of the nightclub Sisyphos in Berlin. From the A&R to mastering the record, the designs of its cover, and of course the vinyl pressing – I literally took care of every imaginable area in this role, and thus built a strong and broad network.
After three years I started to work for the music app called JAM as an A&R and Content Manager. I build up partnerships, do contracts, go to summits and connect the industry with our service.
It seems to be self-evident that I also work as a DJ and producer – always on the
road here in Germany as well as abroad. Besides this, I have also organized
events and festivals.